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omahmlaku.com cyberbus po nusantara

omahmlaku.com cyberbus po nusantara

Cyberbus is the bus that
have facilities
mobile multimedia (internet)
high-speed and
convenience facilities
proper home. Cyber ​​bus
manifold is a public bus
Recretional Vehicle.

Recretional vehicle
is a vehicle
wheeled motorized
used for camping
or recreational activities
other. Creator vehicle
This is the Company's bus Oto
(PO) archipelago that works
equal to PT. Indosat
with an investment of
$ 4 Billion. The first time
introduced on
May 20, 2008.

In 2003 came the idea
of its creator, Handoyo
Budijanto to make bus
with advanced facilities and
comfortable. Handoyo Budijanto
is the owner of the company
auto buses Nusantara
centered on the Ghost. Reason
the emergence of this idea is
lack of development of bus
in Indonesia and left
from other countries.

Developments in bus
Indonesia is only growing
on the type of inter-city buses,
inter-provincial and tourism.
Buses with the type Recretional
Vehicle has not been found in
In 2005 Handoyo
Budijanto do
the search for machines
best. Search ends
the company's Volvo,
sebauah vehicle industry
vehicles in Sweden. Year
2005 end of the bus go to
koraseri-making body
Adiputro bus in Malang. Year
2008 bus is completed.

When the first bus enabled
as a private bus Handoyo
Budijanto to the needs
family recreation and
facilitate coordination and
operational monitoring 300
unit bus fleet. But in
February buses functionalized
as a public bus that can
in rent.

Introduced by
general since
May 20, 2008 through event
road show to a number of locations
tours. In November
2008 Cyber ​​buses follow
Indonesia Consumunity Expo
(ICE) 2008 in North Plaza
Bung Karno. Of
Indonesia Consumunity Expo
(ICE) 2008, the name of cyber-bus
became famous and
creating a new phenomenon
in the field of transport in

Dimensions and bus engines
This bus has a size
length and height of 12 x 3
meter with colored paint
golden brown and the grooves
white strip. Display
windshield of the bus has
larger size and
higher. Body position is very
low and close to
ground. Suspension
used is a suspension
definitely comfortable air.
air suspension system or water
suspension consisted of
compressors, air tubes,
hoses and suspension
balloon-shaped rubber or
cylindrical tube.

Machines used are
engine type Volvo B12M 12 000
cc with a horizontal design.
Machinery mounted on any part of
middle of the bus. Installation
machine in the middle of the bus
functioned for
get level
high security with
uneven weight distribution,
trunk is more spacious, level
low noise and
to achieve emission levels
low. Type of machine
available for the variant 340, 380,
Horse Power and 420 or
horsepower with the standard
Euro 3 emission. Euro 3
is the emission standards
can reduce pollution
hydrocarbons and carbon

Bus models used
is a Setra model Shawl
Royal Coach artificial SE
Bus Koraseri Adiputro. Design
bus using the device
high-level electronic
make maintenance intervals
longer and free from
lubrication costs in some
connection between the lever.
There are 2 options tank capacity
fuel from 300 to
700 liters.

Technical Specifications
* Type: VOLVO B 12 M
* Distance Wheel: 6200 mm
* Overall Length: 10 007
Overall Frame Height:
866 mm
* Overall Width: 2471 mm
* GVW: 19,000 kg
* Machine Type: Mid-mounted, 6
cylinder turbo diesel
intercooler, direct injection
* Engine Power: 420 HP at 1,800
* Capacity: 12 100 cc
* Maximum torque: 2,000 Nm at
1200 rpm
* Transmission: 7 speed forward
and 1 reverse speed
* Suspension: electronically
Controlled Suspension with water
bellows suspension and shock
* Alternator: 3 x 110 A
* Battery: Flash 24 V - 2 x N 150
* Steering: Power steering type
Ball & nut with a servo unit.
Lever fitted high & tilt
* Foot Brake: drum Volvo
water system with ABS brakes
* Parking brake: spring actuation
tube drum brakes on the wheels
* Tank Capacity: 450 liters (3x150 liters)
* Tires: Michelin Tires 6 pieces
XZE 295/80/R 22.5
* Class emissions: Euro3, EEV
(Specific variant)
* Exhaust: Stainless steel
exhaust system with SCR
catalytic converter

Function and purpose
The executives and actors
businesses that often do
trips out of town
is the target marketing of bus

The goal is to manufacture
to give
convenience to
general public
use it to keep
can work and connect
with the office online
despite being in
travel long distances, such as the
out of town. One of
function is
facilitate the conduct
retrieval and transfer
enterprise data with
internal server applications
company. In addition to
office purposes, as well
can function as
home run
variety of housing facilities

Offices and Facilities
mobile multimedia
The bus is equipped with a space
meetings and access to multimedia
high-speed mobile.
Technology used
using technology
HSDPA (High Speed ​​Downlink
Packet Access) which
provide data services and
speed internet
up to 3.6 Mpbs.
other communication facilities
which consists of telephone and
fax, video conferencing
VPN (Virtual Private
Network), Internet through
Broadband Indosat 3.5 G and
GPRS (General Packet Radio
Service), additional facilities
also equipped with access
email and data using
exchange server as well as
POP3 (Post Office Protocol
version 3).

* Internet speeds
up to 3.6 Mpbs
* Phone
* Fax
* Video conferencing
Facilities owned homes
* 2 TVs: LCD 32 ", 2 TVs: LCD 20",
and CCTV Cameras
* Home theater, karaoke, DVD,
VCD and Playstation 2
* Electric Massage Chairs, Sofas
Length, table and Sofa Play
* 1 Set Table Dining Chairs
* Dry with a Kitchen Tool
Toaster, Refrigerator, Appliance
Coffee Makers
* Organize and Beds

* Limitations of technology
Multimedia technology products
owned by cyberbus
not perfect. On location
access a particular strength
not owned by the
said, especially in the area
well as hills or mountains
remote areas.
* Lack of destination
Can only serve
existing trips on the Island
Java alone.
* Rental rates
Expensive rents
reached Rp. 6 million per 18

List of figures cyber users
* Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (
President of the Republic of Indonesia)
* Yusuf Kalla (Vice-President
The Republic of Indonesia
positions 2004-2009)
* Rini Suwandi (Minister
Industry tenure
* Luke Lukmana (employers
computer and author of the book
computer from Semarang)
* Employee Cigarette Factory (PR)
Breadfruit from the Holy
* Artis-Artis Indonesia,
including Rossa, Yuni
Shara, Tompi, Ahmad Dhani,
and 3 Diva (Titi DJ, Ruth
Navarro, and Krisdayanti)