Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hummer Limosine hire 30 million for a 10 hour  Hummer Limosine hire  30 million for a 10 hour:  
Want to feel the sensation of a limousine Hummer H2 super celebrity style without having them? It could be! Condition, provided funds of Rp 30 million to 10 hours. That is what is offered by PT Andi Arta, a subsidiary of Aldira Group engaged in a luxury car rental.

Cars dimensionless length of 8.37 meters, 2.18 meters wide and 2.05 meters high is intentionally brought to Indonesia to filter consumers who want to be different. Later, Andi PT Arta (AA) will only provide one exclusive car is to be operated in Bali.

"We will send the unit to Bali in the first week of December. After that, can be ordered. In fact so many have wanted, but still we arrange the schedule, "said Bambang Dionysius, Director of AA, on the sidelines of the launch of this product in the Hummer H2 limousine showroom Rhys Butique, Radio Dalam, South Jakarta, Friday (20/11).

Dion explained that Bali was chosen first as the main target of the Hummer limo rental for a large potential market. With more and more conducive to the island as a world tourism destination, rental demand for these products is increasing.

"For people who want to experience something exclusive, a limo can be a choice. Eg special events weddings. Many of the conglomerates and the artists of the world come to Bali. Unfortunately, less exposed. This is what we aim at, "said Dion.

Hummer H2 limousine carrying the 6200 cc engine, V8, producing power PS@5.200 325 rpm, 4-speed automatic transmission and motion all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive (4WD).

Luxury features that carried Hummer H2 Limo is the sunroof, all leather upholstery for 15 passengers, 3 LCD TVs, CD / DVD surround sound system, neon lights in the interior, champagne glass holders, refrigerator, telephone and intercom systems.

4.5 Billion Sale
What if there are people who want to have? "They can if there are people who want to have this product. We will be imported from Australia in CBU form. It costs about USD 4.5 billion. Condition, must wait (pivot) for three months, "added Dion. Anyone interested?